C B Watson Cup 2016-17

Thursday April 27th

Centre: Ouston Centre: Newker
Ouston Newker
Lumley St Cuthberts
C of E St Margarets
Belmont Hetton Lyons

Top two to final on Thurs. May 11th


C B Watson Final at Ouston


 Thursday May 11th






Hetton Lyons


St Margarets


History of the C B Watson Cup

The C B Watson is, without doubt, the oldest trophy played for in our association. Information on the trophy can be obtained from the log book of the association with reference made to it as far back as 1951 - almost as old as the association itself! The following references are as they appear in the old log books:

July 11th 1951 - a letter from the Birtley firm, Durham Chemicals Ltd, suggested that they would supply a suitable trophy to the association for an annual competition. This trophy would be called 'The C B Watson Memorial Cup' It was unanimously agreed that the association record an appreciation of this firm's magnificent gesture. It was agreed that the C B Watson would be run as a knockout competition.  

It was agreed that in all rounds prior to the semi final, any profits would be equally divided between the two competing teams after the expenses of the visiting team had been taken out. In the semi finals and final, after expenses had been taken out, any profits would go to the association.

It was agreed that up to and including the semi final, the home team would be responsible for all arrangements and that three days clear notice of these arrangements should be forwarded to the visiting team

20th September 1951 - it was proposed by Mr Forster, seconded by Mr Wood, that the final game should be one leg only and the game be played on a neutral ground. Teams involved in the first C B Watson Cup competition were:

Teams involved in the first  C B Watson Cup

Fence Houses Lambton
Washington Glebe Sacriston
High Usworth Langley Park
Usworth Pelton Co
Washington St Josephs Elizabethville
Ravensworth Tce West Pelton
Grange Villa Chester-le-Street Council

  12th February 1952 - it was moved from the chair that suitable mementoes should be obtained for the winners and runners up of the C B Watson Cup. This was agreed. After close scrutiny of the various types of plaques, it was agreed that plaques costing 6 shillings each should be obtained plus a further outlay of 2 shillings & sixpence for inscription. It was agreed that 24 be purchased for an outlay of approx. 10 6s 6d

8th May 1952 - a letter was read from Birtley Parish Council granting the use of the Welfare Ground for the C B Watson Cup final on May 23rd

First C B Watson Cup Final

Langley Park v Usworth
Venue: Birtley Welfare Ground
Date: Friday 23rd May 1952
K O: 6.45 pm
Admission: Adults: 6d, Children 2d
Referee: Mr R Hodgson (Fatfield)

Mrs Watson, widow of C B Watson, presents a gleaming, new C B Watson Cup to the victors in the early 1950's. Looking on is Mr Bob Everett, secretary of the association

The secretary informed the meeting that he had contacted Mr G Bland (Durham Chemicals) and had been informed that Mrs Watson and her daughter would be delighted to attend the match and present the trophy and plaques. Invitations would also be sent to Mr G Bland and the various secretaries of the sports sections run by the employees of Durham Chemicals Ltd.

It was agreed that tickets and bills should be printed and 10 bills and 400 tickets would be purchased.

The first winners of the C B Watson Cup: Langley Park

22nd July 1952 - a letter from Mr Bland, Durham Chemicals, was read out to the meeting. He thanked the association for the complimentary tickets which he had received on behalf of the employees of the firm. He also respectfully pointed out that the trophy had been presented by 'The Employees of Durham Chemicals Ltd' and not by 'Durham Chemicals Ltd' and requested that this heading should be used on future occasions. A letter was read out from Mrs Watson expressing her thanks and delight on being asked to attend the C B Watson Cup final with her daughter to present the trophy and plaques.

This, then, was the start of the most prestigious competition in our association. The rules of the competition have changed. For many years, only the larger schools in the association (numbers of children in the junior department) compete for the trophy.


Pelton Roseberry captain, Wayne Marshall is presented with the C B Watson Cup by Lumley headteacher and chairman of the association, Mr Keith Garner, in season 1976-77
Winners of the C B Watson Cup in season 1969-70 were Red Rose, seen here proudly displaying the trophy. Since its introduction in 1952, the trophy had been mainly won by a Washiington team but this outstanding team were worthy winners


Referee: Mr Frank Johnson Linesmen: Mr Dave Colling & Mr Ken Joel

These photographs, taken in season 1977-78, show Barley Mow and Pelton Roseberry teams lining up prior to the C B Watson Cup Final. Barley Mow forced a goalless draw in the first leg at Pelton and won this match 1 - 0 - a very tight game. Tommy Gibb (member of Newcastle United Fairs Cup winning team) is seen presenting the trophy to Barley Mow captain, Philip Lightburn. The third photograph shows two happy teams with Roseberry presented with the League Cup which was won the week before

Tommy Gibb presents the Watson Cup to Philip Lightburn after a hard fought final - one of many tough games between old rivals Barley Mow and Pelton Roseberry

Two happy teams celebrate two cup final wins. Two-legged finals produced wonderful moments over the years - something which is, sadly, missing from today's 7-a-side finals


Past Winners: C B Watson Cup

1952 Langley Park 1953 Usworth 1954 Usworth/Eliz.
1955 Elizabethville 1956 Usworth 1957 Glebe
1958 Glebe 1959 Glebe 1960 Usworth
1961 High Usworth 1962 High Usworth 1963 Pelton Co
1964 Biddick 1965 Usworth 1966 Lumley
1967 Usworth 1968 Usworth 1969 Usworth
1970 Red Rose 1971 Barley Mow 1972 Barley Mow
1973 Pelton Roseberry 1974 St Cuthberts 1975 Lumley
1976 Newker/Roseberry 1977 Pelton Roseberry 1978 Barley Mow
1979 Pelton Roseberry 1980 Langley Park 1981 C of E
1982 Birtley East 1983 Birtley East 1984 Pelton Roseberry
1985 Newker 1986 Ouston 1987 Cestria
1988 Birtley East 1989 Cestria 1990 Newker
1991 Pelton Co. 1992 Pelton Roseberry 1993 C of E
1994 Pelton Co. 1995 Lumley 1996 Bullion Lane
1997 Sacriston 1998 Newker 1999 Newker
2000 Harlow Green 2001 Newker 2002 Cestria
2003 Pelton Co 2004 C of E 2005 Lumley
2006 Pelton Co 2007 Pelton Co 2008 Ouston
2009 Cestria 2010 St Mary's 2011 St Mary's
2012 St Margarets 2013 C of E 2014 Ouston
2015 St Margaret's 2016 St Margarets 2017 Lumley


St Margaret's right) celebrate after winning the final trophy of the season, the C B Watson Cup, in 2012, at a sodden Red Rose School and who could blame them for the celebration having won every competition is the Chester-le-Street League as well as being crowned Durham County ESFA  and 5 a side champions and runners up in the Grimes County Cup - the only competition they failed to win. In the 60 plus years since having the trophy donated in 1950, it is doubful if celebrations have ever been as good as this!

In 2015, they won the trophy again, beating another four teams in the final at Red Rose. Roan Varley and Will Robinson celebrate on a much drier pitch than than in 2012. Will and Roan also represented the district team and enjoyed a wonderful season in schools' and district football. The C B Watson Cup still looks in good shape after being passed around schools for over 60 years (see the gleaming trophy in the photograph above as it was presented to the association by the widow of Mr Watson, a respected boss in the Birtley firm, Durham Chemicals)