Cestria Cup 2016-17

Centre: Newker

Centre: St Benets

St Bedes

St Benets

Stanley St Joseph's


West Pelton




Ravensworth Tce  

Cestria Cup Final


Thursday May 11th


Witton Gilbert


Stanley St Josephs


St Bede's




History of the Cestria Cup (Formerly The Joseph Shield)

There had been discussion at the annual meeting regarding the formation of a competition for smaller schools only. Although a proposal had been turned down, it was suggested that further discussion could take place at a future meeting

4th November 1954 - the secretary informed the meeting that he had contacted Mr Errington who had spoken to Mr Josephs of 'Joseph's Sports, Sunderland' regarding the sponsoring of a small schools' trophy. Mr Josephs was quite prepared to supply a trophy but further discussion was required to clarify what the rules of the competition would be.

10th February 1955 - the Joseph Shield was on view at the meeting and was 'much admired'. The secretary was instructed to write to Mr Josephs and thank him on behalf of the association. After discussion, it was agreed that the competition should be open only to schools with 100 boys or less on the role and that for all other purposes, the rules of the C B Watson Cup would apply. This was put as a proposal by Mr Elliott and seconded by Mr Scorer and carried unanimously.

First Joseph Shield Competition: 19th March 1955

St Cuthberts - bye
Fatfield v Ravensworth Tce
Waldridge v St Josephs
Fence Houses v Lambton

Final: Waldridge v Fatfield

Winners: Waldridge

Past Winners of the Cestria Cup (formerly The Joseph Shield)

1955 Waldridge 1956 Brown's Buildings 1957 Fatfield 1958 Washington St Jos.
1959 Fatfield 1960 Lambton 1961 Glebe 1962 Biddick
1963 Washington St Jos. 1964 Birtley St Josephs 1965 Biddick 1966 Washington St Jos.
1967 Washington St Jos. 1968 St Cuthberts 1969 Biddick 1970 Usworth
1971 St Cuthberts 1972 Ravensworth Tce 1973 Langley Park 1974 Red Rose
1975 Birtley St Josephs 1976 West Pelton 1977 Birtley East 1978 Ravensworth Tce.
1979 Birtley St Josephs 1980 Ravensworth Tce. 1981 Birtley East 1982 St. Cuthberts
1983 St Benets 1984 Langley Park 1985 Red Rose 1986 Birtley East
1987 Barley Mow 1988 Portobello 1989 Red Rose 1990 Red Rose
1991 St Benets 1992 St Benets 1993 Red Rose/St Benets 1994 St Benets
1995 Red Rose 1996 Red Rose 1997 Bournmoor 1998 Barley Mow
1999 Red Rose 2000 Red Rose 2001 Red Rose 2002 Birtley East
2003 Birtley St Josephs 2004 Birtley East 2005 St Benets 2006 St. Benets
2007 St Benets 2008 Woodlea 2009 Woodlea 2010 Barley Mow
2011 Ravensworth Tce 2012 Woodlea


Barley Mow 2014 Witton Gilbert
2015 Woodlea 2016 Woodlea 2017 Witton Gilbert  

               Barley Mow: Winners 2012-13

Red Rose proudly display the Cestria Cup, won in season 1973-74. Pictured in the photograph are headteacher Mr Gordon Cooper and teacher Mr Maurice Richardson